Sunday, December 13, 2009

Something Better (8)

Something Better

it started out. on the day that i met you
oh you were there. you're standing there smiling
now every night, i'm thinking of you, do you think of me?
oh baby

you used to say that i'm not in love with you seriously
but now as you're ready to go, i realized how deep i am into you

so now i. i'm living my life for you
i. i'm dying to let you know
you. you are the one that i've been waiting for

but now i. i have to let you go
i. i'm breaking my heart for you
you. you will find something better there, without me by your side

and now i'm here. where all the things changes so suddenly
and suddenly i know that you will leave.
you're leaving me here alone by my self

i used to know, that i am in love with you seriously
but now as you're ready to go, i'm thinking that i have to let you go

it started out when you gave me a smile
and now i'm here, i'm thinking of you my dear
but now you're gone and you will find something better there

Saturday, December 12, 2009

summarecon mall serpong with Jessica :)

so, yesterday tpt nya tnggl 12 Desember 2009 gw pergi ke sms sama si Jessica. kita uda ngerencanain dari sebelom UAS tu ! tiba" sabtu nya Jessica bingung mau pergi sama siapa soalnya temen nya kga ada yg bisa ! akhirnya dia nekat pergi sndiri karna ngebet pgn nntn new moon [ato pgn ktmu gw :P] pulangnya di jemput bokap nya trs gw bertemu dgn teman" nya jeem [tapi si LUI ga dtng :(] aduh gw pgn bgt dy dateng tapi dy lagi latihan, trs si jeem jadi tergila gila lagi ama edward cullen :P

Friday, December 11, 2009

now I relized, I love you

I'm in love. arg, sumpa gw bingung pusing sendiri knp gw bs suka ama dy ? kadang cuek bebek kadang perhatian jadi bingung gw. gw bingung harus ngapain, gw bngng harus nmng apa ama dy gw bngng :( gw ga ngrti, cape mkrin dia, cape mau gmn. haa, he's the only thing that keep me wishing on a wishing star, je t'aime :)